I tried some­thing new tonight. I once tried to make a choco­late risot­to and it didn’t work out that well for me. It could be that I was not using the cor­rect rice, or my tech­nique might have been off. At any rate, the entire thing was an abyssmal fail­ure.

Tonight, I want­ed to try some­thing sim­i­lar to that, but a lit­tle more fool­proof. Enter Choco­late-Peanut Cous cous. It turned out much bet­ter than the choco­late risot­to deba­cle. It was quite edi­ble. Not HIGH praise, but I now know that I didn’t put enough sug­ar in it. I will post a pho­to, but I will forego post­ing the recipe until I have it per­fect­ed.

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