Cherries have been really reasonably priced this year, so buying some fresh cherries every now and then is definitely in the budget. Of course, figuring out what to do with cherries when I am really not that good with pastry, other than just eating them, isn’t always easy. Just eating them can be fun, but there’s more that can be done with cherries than simply eating them raw.

This morning, I made Chocolate Cherry Turnover Puffs for breakfast. I stemmed and pitted the cherries a couple of days ago and let them sit in a couple of tablespoons of sugar and a little lemon juice. Then yesterday, I added a teaspoon of cocoa powder and stirred it up.

This morning, I cooked the liquid off the cherries and added about a teaspoon of chocolate syrup. I then took some store bought puff pastry in a can, otherwise known as crescent rolls, and placed a tablespoon or so of the prepared cherries in the middle of the dough, bringing the ends up to the center and closing it up. I then brushed the top with melted butter and cooked the puffs according to the package directions on a Sil-pat lined cookie sheet.

When I brought the puffs out of the oven, I quickly brushed the puffs with a little more butter and dusted them with a little sugar. They have a sweet cherry flavor with a hint of chocolate richness. The chocolate flavor is really understated, and I could enhance it by drizzling chocolate syrup on top instead of sugar, but I like that the chocolate is just a seasoning and not a powerful flavoring.

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