Tonight, we ate at Ting Ting Chinese Restaurant on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Duluth, Georgia. James recommended it because he had eaten there once before and loved their Hot and Sour Soup. Since he liked the food there so much, he wanted to take me there so that I could experience their fare. This was more than acceptable to me, since I was the first one out of the two of us to visit Chonas Mexican Restaurant, and we have eaten there many times in the past three years.

We both ordered the Hot and Sour Soup, which really was phenomenal. It was a very nice blend of peppery and tart, with crisp vegetables swimming in the piping hot broth. The soup tasted incredibly fresh and is definitely worth the trip.

For my main course, I ordered Squid With Chives. This dish was remarkably understated, wonderfully simple, and incredibly tasty. In order to avoid the possibility of the squid becoming tough in case of accidental overcooking (something that is very easy to do), the squid was scored with a series of cuts. Chinese chives provided the seasoning for the dish.

I asked and found out that the restaurant uses no MSG and only uses vegetable oil for all of its frying and sauteing. They are incredibly concerned about allergens and prepare each dish to order with such concerns in mind. I normally have to take certain precautions when dining out for Chinese due to allergens and cross contamination concerns. I know that I usually have to avoid certain foods for one reason or the other. I feel confident that I will be safe from such concerns the next time I dine there.

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