Once a month, at least, I visit Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill and Deli in Sandy Springs, GA. I go there with friends, and we eat some food and have some fun chatting and having a good time. I often try to get at least one thing that I haven’t gotten before each time that I go there because they have a nice menu, and everything I’ve ever tried has been good.

Today, I got their Lentil Soup, which I have had before and is quite good, and their Greek Salad, something new.

The salad was enormous! It was mostly freshly chopped lettuce (definitely romaine and I think there was some green leaf lettuce too), but there was plenty of feta cheese, red onions, capers, and olives to make me happy. The dressing tasted freshly made using olive oil and herbs. In spite of its size, I ended up eating the entire salad, including the pepperoncinis that were on it as well.

The lentil soup was as good as it always has been. It was a bit of a shock the first time I ordered it because their soup is blended and every other lentil soup I had ever had had not been, including my own. Any worries I had were soon put to rest upon tasting the soup. Though it is vegetarian (I checked), it has a smooth and creamy texture. It’s color is suggestive of a light saffron infusion, and the flavor carries just enough spice to let you know that they’re there. The soup is deceptively filling and nice no matter what the weather is.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to go back before next month. I didn’t get any meat this time, and their shawarma is wonderful! I may have to go back soon just to get some more.

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